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How to Update Your Miyoo Mini Plus Stock Firmware


To install the latest Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus and take full advantage of its features, your device must have the original firmware updated to at least version 20230326XXXX or newer. The latest update as of the publication date of this article is 202305052130.

Now I will provide you with a detailed guide on how to update the firmware for Miyoo Mini Plus. Note that updating firmware can potentially brick your device, so proceed with caution.

Step 1: Check the current firmware version

To check the original firmware version of your Miyoo Mini device, go to Settings => Device Info => Version Number. Pay attention to the first 8 digits of the number, where 202305052130 means the update was on May 5, 2023. If your version matches or is newer, you are good to go.

Step 2: Prepare a memory card with the original firmware

Download the latest original firmware for Miyoo Mini Plus.

You can find the downloads on the official Miyoo Mini website at or download here

After downloading, extract the file zipped file, you will got the miyoo354_fw.img.

Prepare an empty memory card formatted to FAT32 or use the current memory card in your device. Remember to back up data such as ROM, BIOS, save files, or copy the entire memory card to your computer. Then, copy the miyoo354_fw.img file to the root directory of the SD card.

Step 3: Flash the original firmware onto Miyoo Mini Plus

Turn off the device.

Insert the memory card into the device.

Connect the charger to the device for the installation process (use a charger plugged into a power outlet; avoid using the USB port on the computer and do not use a high-power charger exceeding 5W).

The device’s screen will display a notification “System Upgrade” with a rocket icon indicating that the firmware is being installed.

Do not turn off/on the device, and do not disconnect power during the installation process.

Wait for about 2 minutes; when the battery charging icon appears, it means the firmware installation is successful. Now, you can safely disconnect the charger.

Step 4: Delete the installation file after completion

Remove the memory card from the device, insert it into the computer, and delete the miyoo354_fw.img file. Then, insert the memory card into the device and check that the firmware has been updated to the latest version. Now, you can install Onion OS on your Miyoo Mini Plus.

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