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How to Install Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus


Onion OS is an open-source firmware based on the original firmware of Miyoo Mini Plus. Onion OS provides stable and smooth gaming performance, efficient battery management, and many useful features for the Miyoo Mini Plus, such as automatic game saving, customizable interface, multiplayer Net Play feature, direct file browsing and transfering via WiFi, etc.

Today we will show you how to install the latest Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus in under 10 minutes!

Part 1: Preparing to Install Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus

To install Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus, you’ll need to prepare:

Note: To install the latest Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus and utilize all the features of this operating system, your device must have the original firmware updated to at least version 20230326XXXX or later. Refer to the guide on checking and updating the original firmware for Miyoo Mini Plus.

Part 2: Installing Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus

Installing Onion OS is much easier than installing Garlic OS on Anbernic RG35XX. If you’re using the original SD card, remember to copy your device’s data, such as ROMs, BIOS (the folder containing the SD card’s original BIOS file is located at RetroArch > .retroarch > System), save files, etc., to your computer for storage. After installation, you can copy the game data back.

Step 1: Download Onion OS firmware and tools

Download the latest Onion OS firmware file and Guiformat software. Download links are listed above.

Step 2: Format the MicroSD card to FAT32 and copy Onion OS files

Install the Guiformat software and open it. We will format the SD card to FAT32 so that Onion OS can read it. Select the correct SD card, in this example, I used a 64GB card. Then click START.

Click START to format the SD card to FAT32

Next, extract the file you just downloaded. You will get 6 or 7 folders: .tmp_update, BIOS, miyoo, miyoo354, Media, RetroArch, and Themes. Copy all these folders to the root directory of the SD card.

Extract the Onion OS firmware file

Step 3: Install Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus

Insert the SD card with the copied Onion OS firmware files into the device and power it on. Wait a few seconds, the Onion OS installation screen will appear. The installation process will take 1-2 minutes to complete.

Installing Onion OS on Miyoo Mini Plus

Once you see “Thank you,” the installation of Onion OS is complete. Next is adding some retro game systems.

After the installation is complete, a “Thank you” message will appear.

Click NEXT until you reach the selection of the retro game systems. Press A to select, Y to re-select, or X to select all quickly, then press START twice to confirm.

Select the emulators you want to play

After adding systems successfully, the device will return to the main home screen of Onion OS. Now you can turn off the device and remove the SD card to copy ROMs and BIOS.

Onion OS home screen

Step 4: Copy ROMs and BIOS

Copy the games and BIOS you have backed up from the original SD card earlier into the /Roms and /BIOS folders on the new SD card. Plug the card into the Miyoo Mini Plus, then restart the device and start playing your favorite games.

Updating Onion OS from an older version to the latest one

If you have previously installed Onion OS and want to update to the latest version, visit the author’s Github page, download the latest version, and extract it. You will get 6 or 7 folders as above. Copy all these folders to the SD card. When Windows asks if you want to overwrite, choose YES.

After that, insert the SD card back into the Miyoo Mini device, open it, and the device will automatically update Onion OS, RetroArch, and other apps on the device.

Now you have successfully installed Onion OS for Miyoo Mini Plus. If you find the article helpful, don’t forget to share it, thank you

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