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Garlic OS Shortcut Keys and Usage Guidelines


In the previous article, we have guided step-by-step through how to install Garlic OS firmware on Anbernic RG35XX gaming handheld. In this article, we will show you how to use Garlic OS as well as shortcut keys while gaming.

* Note: According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you should only use a 5W power charger for retro gaming handhelds. Avoid using fast chargers of iPhone or Samsung to prevent damage to your devices. If you don’t have any 5W charge, you can use the USB-A port on a laptop or PC to charge your device or buy a Ugreen 5W charger here *

Garlic OS Basic Functions

Press the power button on the right side of the Anbernic RG35XX to start the device.

In some cases, if your device is frozen, you can press the small reset button next to the power button to restart the device.

To adjust the volume of the device, press the Vol + or Vol โ€“ button on the left side.

To increase the screen brightness, simultaneously press the MENU + Vol + buttons.

To decrease the screen brightness, simultaneously press the MENU + Vol โ€“ buttons.

To turn off the device, press the Power Button (no need to long-press).

To add a game to the Favorites section, press Y.

To exit the currently played game, press MENU. You can also press the MENU button twice in a row to exit the game.

To search for games, go to System => APPS => Search for RomSearch app.

Garlic OS Home Screen Menu

This is the home screen of Garlic OS on Anbernic RG35XX after the device is started.

Garlic OS home screen menu

At the home screen, there are 4 main sections:

Recent: List of games you have recently played.

Favorites: List of games you have saved in the Favorites section for quick access.

Consoles: List of gaming systems that RG35XX can play. Click there to select a game list and play.

RetroArch: Emulation application for retro games, where you can adjust options while gaming or launching games.

Shortcut Keys Used in The Home Screen Menu

A = Enter

B = Back

SELECT = CPU speed option (overclock). When pressing the Select button, symbols like โ€“, โ€“ โ€“, +, + + will appear next to the Battery icon, indicating whether you are increasing or decreasing the CPU speed. The default is no symbol, meaning the CPU runs at normal speed. Increasing CPU speed improves game smoothness but may consume more battery.

START = Access settings menu to adjust date and time, language of the device.

MENU = View the list of recently played games

Shortcut Keys Used in The Game List

While in the game selection list, use the following shortcut keys:

A = Enter the game

By default, when entering a game, the device will automatically load the last playtime of the game (previously stage saved by the device).

B = Back

START = Enter the game (start a new game, without continuing from the previous saved stage)

Y = Add / remove the game from the Favorites section.

MENU = View the list of recently played games

R1 / L1 = Quickly scroll through the game list in alphabetical order. This feature is quite useful as Garlic OS currently lacks a game search function. (Update: You can now install the game search function on Garlic OS, following instructions here)

Shortcut Keys Used while Playing Games

While playing a game, use the following shortcut keys:

MENU = Exit the game, return to the game list. Or you can press the MENU button twice in a row to exit the game.

MENU + UP = Take a screenshot. Screenshots are saved in the /screenshots folder on the memory card.

MENU + DOWN = Mute Audio

MENU + L1 = Fast forward the game

MENU + R1 = Slow motion toggle

MENU + START = Pause game


MENU + X = RetroArch quick menu

How to save, load the previously played game:

MENU + L2 = Load state

MENU + R2 = Save state

MENU + LEFT/RIGHT = Change saving slot


So, we have showed you how to use Garlic OS in the most detailed way. If you haven’t installed Garlic OS yet, please read our installation guide here. Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful. Thank you and happy retro gaming!

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